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Lithium battery air express export

2022-03-29 Shenzhen Fly International Logistics Co., Ltd 0

The main operation of lithium battery air express export is mainly in the Middle East and European and American countries, such as France/Israel/Italy/UK/Germany/Spain/Turkey/US/Egypt and many other countries, generally choose UPS or FEDEX/TNT.

DHL has relatively strict requirements for battery products with battery boxes. Xiangfeiyang professional and sensitive products have international international air transportation, international express delivery, international shipping and so on.

export requirements

There are many types of lithium batteries by air express. According to the model, the main lithium batteries are PI965/PI966/PI967/PI968/PI969/PI970. Each type of battery is different for export, and the battery capacity is different, so the export requirements are different. PI965II, each battery does not exceed 2.7WH or each cell does not exceed 2.7WH and the weight cannot exceed 2.5KGS per box, only two batteries per box, and only 8 cells per box. MSDS certificate is generally provided. Can do general cargo to deal with.

▲PI965IB: Each battery does not exceed 100 or each box of batteries does not exceed 20WH, and the weight of a box does not exceed 10KG. Provide MSDS to prove that it can be handled as DG cargo and shipped normally.

▲PI966/PI967: Each battery does not exceed 100WH or each cell does not exceed 20WH and the weight of each box of batteries does not exceed 5KG. The MSDS certificate and guarantee letter can also be shipped normally. The following airlines have a specification for battery pack export and weight capacity.