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How does International railroad transportation work?

2022-03-29 Shenzhen Fly International Logistics Co., Ltd 0

      International railway transportation process:

      1. Delegate
      The shipper informs that the agent needs to arrange the transportation of the whole vehicle or container, the delivery station and the sending station and the sending station, the name and quantity of the goods, the estimated transportation time, the customer's name, telephone number, contact person, etc.

      2. Shipping documents
      The shipper must confirm the quotation with the agent and confirm the agency relationship, and the shipper must entrust our company in writing:

      (1) Transportation Power of Attorney

      (2) Customs Declaration Power of Attorney

      (3) Power of Attorney for Inspection Application

      (4) Customs declaration

      (5) Contract

      (6) packing list

      (7) Invoice

      (8) Commodity inspection invoice

      3. Customs declaration
      After the consignor prepares the above documents, it will be sent to the company designated by the agent, and the agent will arrange for customs declaration at ports, namely Manzhouli, Erenhot, Alashankou, Pingxiang and other places.

      4. Shipping
      According to the notification of transportation plan arrangement, the shipper needs to carry the customs declaration, contract, packing list, invoice, customs seal and other documents together with the vehicle when delivering and shipping the goods that are declared at the local customs. Contracts, packing lists, invoices, customs declarations, commodity inspection certificates and other documents required for customs declaration shall be collected by customs agents. When the goods are loaded on board, issue the third page to the shipper.

      5. Port handover
      After the goods arrive at the port, they need to go through customs transfer and reloading. After the goods are transferred to foreign vehicles for loading, the freight company will notify the loading time according to the loading time, and notify the loading company when loading.

      6. Return form
      After the goods are reloaded and handed over, the customs will return the verification form, customs declaration form and verification copy to our company, and the freight company will return it to the customer according to the freight.