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What is the process of international shipping?

2022-03-29 Shenzhen Fly International Logistics Co., Ltd 0

      The Export Shipping Documentation Process:

      1. Take orders

      After agreeing to the power of attorney, review the contents of the power of attorney and confirm the entrusted matters.

      2. Booking

      Use the power of attorney to book space with the shipping company and get the shipping company's manifest.

      3. Make a box

      The team gets the equipment handover order and transports the container from the container to the customer's factory. Or the customer directly sends the goods to the designated yard or warehouse.

      4. Customs declaration

      After the preparation of the export declaration documents is completed, the declaration will be started, and the customs will release it after passing the examination and approval.

      5. Bill of lading confirmation

      Prepare the bill of lading according to the power of attorney and confirm the bill of lading with the customer to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the content of the bill of lading.

      6. Pay

      Confirm the fee schedule with the customer and charge the relevant fees.

      7. Sign the bill

      According to the customer's request, the bill of lading is issued and mailed to the customer.

      8. Return customs declaration

      One month after the export declaration, the declaration form will be returned to the customer for tax refund verification.

      9. Exchange bill of lading at destination port

      After the goods arrive at the destination port, the shipping company informs the consignee to exchange for the bill of lading.

      10. Customs declaration and delivery

      After completing the customs declaration documents, start the import declaration, and collect it after the customs release.