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Air export freight forwarding process

2022-03-29 Shenzhen Fly International Logistics Co., Ltd 0

      How do I export from air? What are documents required for export?

      Six major processes of international air export operations:

      1. Power of Attorney

      The shipper fills in the freight consignment form by himself. The consignment letter should include the following columns: shipper, consignee, airport of departure station, airport of destination, required route/reservation application, declared value of transportation, declared value of customs, insurance amount, handling matters, attachments to waybill, Actual gross weight, freight rate category, billable weight, cargo name and quantity, shipper's signature, date, etc.

      2. Review documents

      International air export documents should include: invoice, packing list, consignment letter, submission single item, foreign exchange write-off form, license, commodity inspection certificate, input/processing write-off copy, claim/repair agreement, pay-on-delivery letter of guarantee, customs clearance seal up.

      3. Booking

      After receiving the delivery forecast from the shipper, collect and fill in the booking form from the airline's operation control department, and provide the corresponding information; the name, volume, weight, quantity and destination of the goods; transportation time, etc. The airline will arrange the class and flight according to the actual situation. When booking space on behalf of the consignor, you can choose the best route and carrier according to the consignor's requirements, and strive for the lowest and reasonable freight rate for the consignor.

      4. Pick up

      The consignor self-delivered the goods: the freight forwarder should fax the goods entering the warehouse to the consignor, and indicate the contact person, telephone number, delivery address, time, etc. So that the goods can be put into the warehouse in a timely and accurate manner.

      Door-to-door pick-up by freight forwarder: The shipper should provide the freight forwarder with information such as the specific delivery address, contact information, telephone number, time and other information to ensure the timely warehousing of the goods.

      5. International air freight export declaration

      After the customs declaration documents are complete, the freight forwarder shall declare to the customs on behalf of the consignor; after the customs review is correct, the customs officer shall affix the release seal on the original waybill.

      6. Settlement of international air freight export charges

      The carrier and the carrier shall settle the relevant freight and miscellaneous charges before the flight takes off.